Genesys Works is able to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth because of the financial contributions made by our generous donors. Through their gifts, we are helping life more students out of poverty and into the economic mainstream. 

Thank you to the following donors for your support in 2016: 


Peery Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation 
Greenlight Fund
Sobrato Family Foundation
Tipping Point Community


American Honda Foundation
Westly Foundation 

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Fund for Sharing Insight

Scott and Laura Kupor
Maria N. Martinez
Matt Ocko and Zack Bogue of DCVC (In grateful appreciation of a16z’s support, especially Scott Kupor, Ben Horowitz, and Marc Andreessen)


Andesseen Horowitz
Credit Suisse
Enigma Foundation
Kapor Center for Social Impact
Wells Fargo
Western Digital Foundation

Karina and Ray Elias


Electronic Arts
Rachel and Drew Katz Foundation
San Francisco Federal Credit Union
Shuddle, Inc. 

Stephanie and Rafael Alvarez
Amy and Randy Beiner
Ronny Conway
Chris Funk
Julia and Aaron Gershenberg
Timothy Holcer
Stacy and Dave Kanter
Meg Marks and Peter Katz
Megan and Taylor McKinley
Ken McNeely
Gloria Principe and John O'Farrell
Kelly Traver and John Selling
Jesus Soto, Jr. 
Tony Zucker


Mainsail Partners
Silicon Valley Bank
The Philanthropy Workshop

Garret Bean
Marc Blakeman
Myra Chow
Erin Glenn
Casey and Bill Johnson
Robert Katz


Speechless, Inc. 

Andrea and Mark Cupp
Marcia and Ted Bronsnick
Denise Hartigan
Jeanine and Richard Homich
Margarita Jannasch
Rhonda J. Johnson
Lois and Lary Kupor
Amy Lenz
Carly Levin
Neal Locke
Peter Raisbeck
Dawn Sheppard
Michael Volan
Sammy Wegent
Z Yu



Elle Albert
Irene Baba
Jeanene and Gary Bean
Peter Bowden
Patricia Braganza
Erica and Robert Brevet-Stott
Charles Cao
Ana Plascencia Casillas 
Karthik Chakkarapani
Ryo Chiba
Jane Lotus Chong
Thomas Ciccolella
Daniel Cole
Craig Cooper
Ren Cunanan
Felix Diaz, Jr. 
Ryan Davis
Glenda deBues
Cliff Eclarino
Jamie Firmage
Ian Fregosi
Soraya and Tom Fregosi
Melissa Garrett
Allan Graves
Sarak Laks
Ayleen Lau
Libby Leahy
Marina Liu
Ken Harootunian
Florence Harris
Chelsea Hartigan
Judy Lee and Bill Herbet
Martha Hernandez
Laura Hinton
Francisco Iturbe
Bill Johnston
Astha Kalia
Jonathan Kim
Erika Lehmkuhl
Debbie Lundquist
Deanna Machado
Bryan McDonald
Courtney McDonald
Lilly McDonald
Ina Miller
Cheri Morris
Sean Moore
Alfredo Guadarrama Murrieta
Sakthivel Nagaraj 
Tiffany Ou
Robert Oxenburgh
Pete Pampliega
Debra Hansen Paul
Barbara Pennington
MacKenzie Persen
Spencer Piatt
Mollie Renko
Kim Rodriguez
Angelica Russell
Alyene Schneidewind
Erich Schloss
Jordan Shively
Karen Swearengin
Manjula Talreja
Lauren Tang
Patrick Taylor
Gabriel Trejo
Glen Thomas
Natalie Tyson
David Ulrich
Leon Volan
Timmy Volan
Shoua Vue
Samantha Wang
Wynne Warner
Brian Warren
Jael Waegner and Lee Bronsnick
Laura Weeks
Karen and Armin Weinberg
Eli Weiner
Landen Zernickow
Rebecca Zucker


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