National Office Staff

Matt Heath

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Tollefson

Chief Strategic Growth Officer

Paul Irwin-Dudek

Chief Development Officer

Amir Yunus

Chief Financial Officer

Jennie Tollefson

Chief Marketing Officer

Penn Shaper

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

Christopher Brown

Vice President, Strategic Philanthropy & Community Development

Mike Gross

Executive Director, Genesys Works NYC

Eli Cipriano

Senior Director of Fundraising Operations

Wendy Airlie

Director of Accounting

Bernie Tretta

Director of Measurement and Evaluation

Amy Lenz

Director of Major Gifts

Leigh Ann Arnold

Director of Major Gifts

David Robertson

Enterprise Technology Director

Kareen Eichberger

Operations Director

Stephanie Noriega

Marketing Communications Manager

Rishi Ravani

Enterprise Project Manager

Jocelyn Ursin

Human Resources Manager

Stephanie Baumgartner

Program Strategy & Design Manager

Lynn Childs

Accounting Manager

Tania Gutierrez

Organizational Knowledge Manager

Amelie Smith

National Alumni Program Lead

Nancy Kubecka

Payroll Manager

Janet Heath

A/R Collections Analyst

Greg Mendieta

Payroll Coordinator

Eman Elshareif

IT/Operations Specialist

Aaron Godoy

IT System Analyst

Asia Williams

Executive Assistant

Ty Wilson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jocelyn Rios

Accounting Associate

Diana Morin

Accounts Receivable Analyst