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We are Genesys Works


Genesys Works addresses an urgent need in Chicago. Only 14% of ninth-graders in Chicago Public Schools will receive a bachelor’s degree by the age of 25. With 95% of our students enrolling in college and more than 80% persisting to a degree, Genesys Works is bucking this trend by showing low-income students that a professional career is within reach and so is the education needed to achieve this goal.

our History

While serving as a board member for a charter school, corporate strategist Rafael Alvarez was struck by the limited opportunities for low-income students. Alvarez left his job in 2002 to create an organization that would improve the professional prospects for disadvantaged youth and introduce a new pipeline of diverse workers to corporate America. Since its founding as a small Houston program serving just 10 students, Genesys Works has grown into a national organization that has empowered thousands of high school students in four cities across the U.S. 


Our Partners

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