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Maximize the impact of your dollar 

Most nonprofits can only spend what they can fundraise. We’re different. By training students to provide services that corporations value, we fund 75% of our operations. This means that to fund $4 of programming and operations, we only need to raise $1.

 $10,000: empower a student like nina to re-envision her future  

 $5,000: help a student like aaron become workforce-ready  Support a student for a week

 $2,500: ensure that a student like jesus is college-bound  Support two students for a day

 $1,000: Help a student like jessica become a college graduate   Support two students for a day

Together, we can... 

  • Change the trajectory of Chicago’s low-income high school students by empowering them to pursue higher education and a professional career

  • Invest in a future workforce that is diverse, educated, and prepared for the technology jobs of tomorrow

  • Change the conversation in Chicago Public Schools about college- and career- readiness

To support Genesys Works, click the "Donate" button above or mail a check to the address below:

180 N. Wabash Ave
Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60601

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