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Genesys Works "breaks through" on NPR

On Jan. 29th & 30th, 2008, NPR reporter, Capella Tucker highlighted the work that Genesys Works is doing here in Houston. She showed how Genesys Works and our great corporate partners are making a difference and working together to transform the lives of inner-city high school students. In her report she also showed how Genesys Works' radical approach is working to improve America's education system and is helping our students realize that a professional career is well within their grasp.

The mission of Genesys Works is to enable underprivileged high school students to join the economic mainstream by providing them with the knowledge and work experience to succeed as professionals in the corporate environment. Some of the largest corporations in the Houston area are partnering with Genesys Works, and our organization is always looking to expand to other locations around the country, including our newest location in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota this upcoming summer.

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