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Junior Achievement visits Genesys Works- Chicago

"Can anyone identify a daily expense?" asks Chris Brown, Junior Achievement representative and Digital Marketer at Sears Holding Corporation's Automotive Department. Young Professionals began to raise their hands giving answers such as food, transportation, and, jokingly, shoes.

Brown then asked, "Does anyone have any financial goals?" After a long pause, a few Young Professionals began to timidly raise their hands and state their goals to save for college or to be financially independent.

In a tight economy, it is important to learn to be financially responsible. Thus, as part of its ongoing development, Genesys Works - Chicago partnered with Junior Achievement to help its Young Professionals learn how to manage and invest their money at this pivotal time in their lives.

Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization that looks to educate today's youth to succeed in a global economy. Working with young people from elementary school through high school, the organization teaches youth how they can have an impact on the world around them through entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.

As Genesys Works, Young Professionals are beginning their internships and earning money, it is important that they learn how to manage earnings and save for upcoming expenses including college. At this training session, Young Professionals learned the budgeting process and the differences between fixed, periodic, and variable expenses as well as the basics of investing; knowing the risk and possible effects of each type of investment.

Throughout the session, they got a glimpse of "real life" playing a game that asked them to make a budget based upon given circumstances. Just as in life, with each roll of the dice the Young Professionals took a chance of having something happen that could cause them to go into debt or strike it rich. While some found money in their pockets, others had their cell phone break or had to make a tough decision on whether or not to take the cooking class for which they've been waiting. In every situation, the Young Professionals learned that everything can have an effect on your future financial situation.

By the end of the session, the Young Professionals were quickly able to listen to scenarios and decide the best type of investment that could be made based upon risk, available options, and time.

Genesys Works- Chicago would like to thank Junior Achievement for their partnership with our organization and looks forward to coming together again; continuing to make a continuous difference in the lives of Chicago's youth.

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