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Placed on the Road to Success

A reflection by Class 2, Young Professional and Northwestern University Freshman, Rosio Macedo

In preparation for the Class 3 Breaking Through ceremony, we took a page from our fellow Genesys Works teammates in the Twin Cities and asked Rosio for a six-word answer to the question "what does Genesys Works mean to you?" We were blown away by her answer: 

Rosio Macedo

When asked to explain, she continued...

As a junior in high school, I saw Genesys Works as an opportunity to get out of school early and get a job, and that was pretty much it. When I decided to apply those were basically my reasons for doing so. After I found out that I was chosen to go for an interview, I started to doubt my decision to apply and wondered if I should just try and get a job through my school’s Work Study Coordinator. Even with the doubt, I decided to attend the interview and am now glad that I chose to join the Genesys Works family.

Through the eight week summer training program, I prepared to work in a professional environment. We had lessons ranging from expressions in speech to writing thank you notes. Here I was, never even having a job before, learning how I was going to communicate and work with professionals at some of the largest companies in, not only the United States, but the world. I was pushed out of my comfort zone to speak up, make speeches, and make presentations. At the end of the training, I was placed at Accenture, a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company. If it weren’t for the eight week training over the summer I would not have been prepared to enter the corporate world. I had the confidence to be able to incorporate myself into the environment at Accenture. I was prepared to communicate both in writing and orally with my coworkers and our customers.  There I put my new skills to use and grew in confidence.

Genesys Works is no longer just an organization for me. It has become a family, a network that I can count on whenever I need help. I am ready to succeed in college and have a successful career as well because I have already succeeded in my internship and in a professional environment.

Even though I am currently not planning to continue studying IT, I have learned so many skills, and I feel confident that I can succeed in whatever I choose to do. My communication skills have grown in strength, and I have goals to accomplish in the next phase of my life.

Genesys Works helped me in the process of applying and enrolling in college. With their support I am now getting ready to transition into college. I had help with filing my taxes, writing essays, and filling out the FAFSA. It helped to have someone to keep me on track. I will be attending Northwestern University and am confident that I can succeed there. It also helps to know that those at Genesys Works are also confident that I can succeed.

My time with Genesys Works does not end when my internship ends or even when I go off to college.  I will not forget that Genesys Works helped me get on the road to success.

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