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Student Profile: Bria Davis

On her seventeenth birthday, Bria Davis quickly moved down the halls and into her entrepreneurship class at Percy L. Julian High School, rushing because she was running a bit late. When she arrived, she did not find the usual routine. Instead, her peers were sitting towards the front of the room, listening intently to a guest speaker. She quickly found that this would be a birthday she would never forget.

Bria Davis

As she joined her classmates, Bria began to listen as Eric Patton, Executive Director of Genesys Works – Chicago, described a new summer program. While Bria had been involved in many after school programs before, something about this one sounded special. Bria’s ears and mind perked up at the idea of being able to go downtown, fix computers, and earn money at an internship. She immediately applied.

Hearing Eric Patton speak about Genesys Works became a very special “birthday present” for Bria. Using a previous experience overcoming an academic hurdle to drive her, Bria’s dedication and determination took center stage throughout the summer training program. Her desire to improve became as much a trademark as her smile and positive attitude.

In order to understand the tremendous strides Bria made throughout the program, one must understand Bria’s starting point. When Bria first arrived to the Genesys Works program, the staff noticed her soft, quiet voice. During her first speech, one could tell she was nervous and did not know what to expect from a corporate environment.  

In reflecting upon the challenges she faced in adjusting to a corporate environment, Bria stated, “I was afraid to open up and talk to people. I also never really sent any emails…I texted a lot. But, not really any emails. That is a big part of my job now.

Despite her struggles, Bria neither second guessed her decision to join nor showed any signs of settling. Bria utilized her resolve to overcome any challenges associated with adjusting to her new lifestyle.  By the end of the training program, Bria made amazing strides. In one of her final speeches, everyone in the room saw evidence of her transformation as Bria confidently described her goals in front of a group of peers. “I never went in front of people and told them my goals with a PowerPoint. I never knew of SMART goals. Things like that help you a lot.”

Earning an internship at Computer Sciences Corporation, Bria continued improving. Her hard-work allowed her to reach goals and help set the bar for future generations of Genesys Works interns. “Throughout this year, I have grown from a young teen to a future business woman,” says Bria. We could not agree more.

Bria’s continues to focus on the future and reaching even bigger goals. Inspired by her mother’s enrollment in college, Bria will attend her college of choice, the University of Illinois at Springfield in the fall of 2012.

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