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Your Voice...Major Change

Genesys Works – Chicago has realized the influence that a good role model can have on a young person. With this knowledge in mind, Genesys Works – Chicago provides its upcoming Young Professionals with an opportunity to step outside of the training room and learn from professionals at some of Chicago’s most important companies and academic institutions through its Summer Speaker Series.

“Listening to someone speak about overcoming their circumstances not only gave me hope, but, showed me it was really possible,” states Class 2 Young Professional, Crystal Martinez.  “Before listening to the speakers, I often thought of my situation as a burden. I blamed how and where I was brought up for a lot of my problems. But, seeing how these individuals used their past as learning experiences completely changed my perspective.”

This year’s series will feature volunteers from Accenture and several major Chicago-area colleges and universities.

Would you like to help change the track of life for one of our upcoming Young Professionals?

We have space available for our Summer Speaker Series. Take a moment to share your story and interact with our Class 3 trainees, giving them an opportunity to have a first-hand look at the possibilities for their own futures. For more information or to volunteer for the Summer Speaker Series, please contact Melissa Vater at mvater@genesysworks.org or 312-496-3779.

Your words can have a major impact on the life of a young person. Join us and make a difference.

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