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For economically disadvantaged students, high school is frequently the last opportunity to obtain a formal education and to make crucial decisions affecting their standard of living for the rest of their lives. Genesys Works graduates step forward and begin to realize their true potential. Of our 2009 graduates, 95 percent are in college, and many are the first in their family to ever attend college.

Partnerships with local high schools are a vital element to our success. This collaboration is a critical piece of the Genesys Works model because partner schools allow us to identify students in need of the meaningful, life changing opportunities we provide.

Model for Success

Genesys Works uses a unique model that has proved to be highly successful in preparing students to meet the challenges of a changing workforce. The lives of our students are transformed in each of these four areas:

  • Technical skills
  • Professional skills
  • Work experience
  • Profession planning

The comprehensive model offers a win-win for Genesys Works' students, schools, communities, clients and supporters. Our graduates are armed with the skills, work experience and drive to obtain a college education and succeed as a professional.

Not Just a Summer Program

A common misconception is that Genesys Works is a summer program. Although the eight-week training occurs in the summer, students work with corporate partners during the school year. Therefore, it is important for school partners to understand that this program is a year-round commitment.


Genesys Works partners with high schools where at least 80 percent of the student population qualifies for federal free- and reduced-price lunch programs. Schools should be located in the inner-city and be accessible by local public transportation systems so that students can easily commute to work after morning classes and attend training during the summer. To accommodate students' work schedules, partner schools must offer a co-op, early release or internship program. Students must be able to arrive at work no later than 1:30 pm. 

For more information on becoming a Genesys Works school partner, contact Margaret Stuckey

Our Partners

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