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Programs Tailored to Your Future

Chicago ProgramsPlanning your future

Genesys Works gives students the life-changing opportunity to work in a professional corporation while still in high school, but this is simply the first step in each student's path to success. It is essential that our students go on to college, and 95% of them do just that.

The goal of our Career and College Connection program is to arm students with the skills they need to enroll and succeed in college. During weekly meetings over the course of the school year, we help students explore career interests, choose and apply to colleges, complete scholarship applications, secure financial aid, and build professional and life skills.

Our goal is to enable each Genesys Works student to envision themselves in college and be ready to take on the world!

"The Genesys Works Career and College Connections program has motivated me to pursue post-secondary education." Yadira Serna 


Learn the skills you need

Once accepted into the program, your instruction begins the first day you walk into the eight-week summer training. 

Comprehensive classes are four hours a day Monday through Friday. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Information Technology (IT)

In this role, you will be trained to provide:
• Help Desk support
• System refreshes, migrations, imaging and core loads
• Software installation
• Hardware upgrades
• Computer deployment and setup
• General PC and network troubleshooting
• Cable making and cable pulls
• Ticket tracking and resolution
• Updating of corporate IT database information
• Managing of computer and equipment inventory control


In this role, you will be trained to:
• Perform data analysis, with particular specialization in the use of Microsoft Excel
• Perform monthly reconciliations
• Process transactions in accounts payable or receivable
• Track delinquent accounts
• Assist in payroll processing 
• Complete vendor statements and purchase orders
• Enter data into the system of record 
• Generate reports for revenue recovery
• Fact check for contract compliance 
• Conduct customer outreach initiatives through phone or email communications

Professional Skills

Genesys Works also offers professional skills training so that students may gain entry into a corporate environment. In order to be successful, though, students must also learn valuable social skills utilized in the corporate environment.

Our professional skills sessions provide training in areas such as:
• Proper communication
• Business etiquette
• Security
• Résumé and goal writing
• Conflict resolution
• Responsibility and accountability

These skills are taught in conjunction with our technical programs so that students readily fit into their placements at our client sites and graduate from Genesys Works as well-rounded, effective young professionals.

"The summer training has helped show me that the world is bigger than Chicago." Michelle Mitchell


enjoy your summer with fun events

Although our students are from many different schools and are probably meeting for the first time when they arrive at Genesys Works, they do share a commonality - a desire to succeed in life. To help build bonds among members, involve students in exciting events, and develop leadership and teamwork skills, we created the Fun Works program.

Throughout the summer and the school year, you will get together with other Genesys Works Chicago students and enjoy fun activities. Together, you will bond and create everlasting memories!

"Genesys Works is not all about working. We have a lot of fun too!" Shakaria Smith

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