Client Testimonials

Myra Davis

CIO, Texas Children's Hospital

"Some businesses find it difficult to consider working with high school interns. At Texas Children's, we've committed to the youth participating in the Genesys Works program and we've seen the benefits. The interns we work with bring energy and diversity into our workplace, and our employee supervisors are doing their part to mentor them and guide them toward a professional career - one that many of these students never thought possible. And yet here they are, highly productive members of our team."
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Gina Luna

Houston Region and CEO, Middle Market Banking, JPMorgan Chase
“There is no doubt through their participation in the Genesys Works program, low-income students gain invaluable experience which will help them be successful in their future roles.”

Mark Boring

Director of Client Services, Kinder Morgan

“I like watching the interns discover that they can do more.  They fill a valuable position and we depend on them…it’s not a menial job.  The tasks we give them we would give to analysts, and this allows us to focus on larger projects and get more done.”

Michael Hedges

Chief Information Officer, Medtronic

“Having had over 150 Genesys Works interns working with Medtronic, we have seen first-hand the tremendous value it brings to both the interns and to our organization.  It’s a true win-win partnership.”

Deneen Gannon

Supervisor, Ameriprise Financial
“I made meeting with our intern Kalila on a regular basis a priority.  I’ve really enjoyed working directly with her, and learning about her family, her interests, and her culture.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Kalila became a supervisor one day and had a Genesys Works intern assigned to her as well!”

Maria Martinez

President of Sales & Customer Success, Salesforce

“The technology industry thrives off well-trained and enthusiastic employees.  Genesys Works provides a unique combination of education and workplace experience that is building tech’s future workforce.”

Alison Kenney Paul

Vice Chairman and US Retail & Distribution Leader, Deloitte LLP

“Investing in a skilled, diverse workforce is a top priority for Deloitte, and Genesys Works is a key partner in this effort.  Their internship model is innovative, and we have found it to be effective because it makes business sense – the Genesys Works interns have generated value and enabled us to not only strengthen our community, but to discover a new talent pipeline.”