Hire an Intern

Effective business leaders understand the value of combining strong financial performance with doing social good - the "double bottom line" of successful companies. Genesys Works has partnered with over 180 leading corporations to achieve both goals. 

"Partnering with Genesys Works is a win-win. Students get hands-on experience, help solve real-world problems, and see first-hand what a career in IT is like. The benefit to Medtronic is significant too. Students report with enthusiasm and a hunger to learn." - Michael Hedges, Chief Information Officer, Medtronic 

Why Hire a Genesys Works Intern?

  • Cost-effective, motivated resources add real value to your team
  • Skilled resources. Students receive 8-weeks of instensive professional and skills training
  • Increases productivity. Freeing up staff to handle more important tasks helps increase productivity and morale
  • Provides staff opportunities for mentoring, leadership development 
  • Build workforce pipeline of diverse talent

For more information on hiring and intern, email your local corporate partnerships contacts at:

Bay Area:  pkatz@genesysworks.org 

Chicago:  jmorgan@genesysworks.org

Houston: jsmall@genesysworks.org 

National Capital Region: mtavakoli@genesysworks.org 

Twin Cities:  jcrandall@genesysworks.org