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We are Genesys Works

Genesys Works delivers pathways, possibilities and real-world opportunity by training underserved and economically disadvantaged high school students in areas that visionary companies value. Investing in Genesys Works is an investment in the community. Simply put, we have created an infrastructure that makes business environment internships invaluable to both students and employers. Our recruitment approach is wide and allows us to appeal to a large cross section of high school juniors, whom we engage in a conversation about a meaningful internship.

This program has grown and thrived for nearly a decade in several U.S. locations, most notably in Houston. In anticipation of even further growth, the Houston leadership team has mapped out an aggressive expansion plan to reach more young people and, as a result, support more employer-based internship programs.

History of Genesys Works

Originally named Genesys ITS, Genesys Works was founded in 2002 for the purpose of establishing high-quality corporate internships and professional training opportunities for economically challenged high school students who lacked the skills and connections needed to compete in the job market. 

While serving as a board member of a local charter school, Rafael Alvarez, at the time a corporate strategist for a Fortune 100 company, was struck by the bleak prospects facing economically-challenged high school students who lacked the skills and access to opportunities needed to compete in the changing job market.  In response to that need, Mr. Alvarez founded Genesys Works in 2002. 

Starting with only 10 students and one corporate partner, our organization quickly grew to one that has impacted a total of 1,646 high school students, through technical skills training and placement of 1,172 in meaningful paid corporate internships, in our 13-year history in Houston.  Genesys Works has since expanded to St. Paul/Minneapolis, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay area, with Houston serving as home to our original program site and to our National Office.

Our Partners

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