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40 Days/ 40 Ways Executive Luncheon with Copano Energy

June 29, 2012 (Houston, TX) - On Tuesday, June 29, 2012, Bruce Northcutt, President and CEO of Copano Energy, met with a group of young professionals from our summer training program for an executive luncheon.  The luncheon is a part of the Genesys Works 40 Days/40 Ways program, which allows our young professionals to meet executives of large companies in a casual setting and ask questions to learn as much as they can from the executives. 

Young professional, James Diaz, signed up to meet with Copano because he knew that Bruce Northcutt’s degree is in Petroleum Engineering.  “His background in Petroleum Engineering impressed me, because that’s what I want to do in the future and he had helpful answers for all the questions I had for him.”

Idalia Ortiz, another participant, was also impressed by Bruce’s participation at the luncheon.  She was most inspired by his professional character and how personable he is.  “I felt a little special that he sacrificed his time to meet with us.  He was very easy to talk with.  I could tell he is the kind of person who achieves his goals.  I want to be as people oriented as he is." 

Both James and Idalia were inspired by Bruce’s work background.  Bruce shared that he began working at a young age mowing lawns, starting off in the workplace at the same level that our young professionals do.  Meeting a CEO who started his professional career from “the ground up” spoke deeply to these two young professionals because they now see that they too can become, with hard work and determination, the CEO of a publicly-traded corporation.

Not only were the young professionals eager to learn from Bruce, but he was very eager to share with them.  “Each year I have seen students and their questions actually improve and mature as Genesys Works has grown.  It seems that both Genesys Works and the schools are helping mature the students. Each year the students and the program looks stronger.”

Bruce is always impressed by Genesys Works and by the interns that come out of the program.   “There is value created on both sides of the ledger.  We help place students and give them experience; Genesys Works provides a level of training that helps them engage other professionals and train them to do something that is valuable to the companies.”

Copano’s participation is only the beginning of many more opportunities for our young professionals to meet other executives from different companies.  It is the vision and goal of the 40 Days/40 Ways program for our young professionals to meet in a casual setting with our Houston business leaders to inspire their professional development.  If you too would like to participate in our 40 Days/40 Ways program, please contact Randy Penn at 713-337-0510 or rpenn@genesysworks.org.

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