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Class 11 Young Professionals on Track to Success

May 21, 2012 (Houston, TX) - How many of us dream of winning the lottery and becoming the next millionaire? Or even winning just a few dollars on a scratch off ticket? Sometimes, Lady Luck is on our side. More often than not, it takes more than luck to make your dreams come true. For the student applicants dreaming of joining Genesys Works this year, it definitely took more!

Genesys Works – Houston is excited to announce that the Young Professionals of Class 11 have officially been accepted into the 2012 Summer Training Institute. Their path to joining Genesys Works has been lengthy with an online application including essays, a career assessment and not one, but two interviews. Those that showed the grit to endure will be reaping the benefits starting on June 18, the first day of summer training.

Class 11, representing 17 Houston area high schools, has some amazing qualities. A few applicants learned about Genesys Works from their brother or sister who had previously been in the program including Liliana Mendoza from Chavez High School whose brother, Efrain, was a member of Class 8. “My sister made the right choice in joining the program and I can see opportunities heading her way. She is taking the first step to success by learning Information Technology, professionalism, and how to get into the college of her choice. Liliana is determined to succeed and I can see a bright future in her hands,” says Efrain.

Joining Liliana are two students, Joana Montes and Shaquille Gardiner from C.E. King High School, who have been involved with Genesys Works through the American Leadership Forum working on a project to answer the question, “What if kids ran the schools?” Joana and Shaquille, with the support of C.E. King High School, will be implementing a program ensure 9th graders are on the right path to success.

Class 11 will also include students that participated in the Genesys Works/Wheatley High School iMentor program. These students had the opportunity to be mentored by corporate professionals during their 10th grade year which prepared them to take on the challenge of Genesys Works this summer. As Marissa Goode, an iMentor student and member of Class 11, explains, “Being successful is being determined and passionate about what you love doing. You have to take responsibility for all of your actions and make them count as well.”

We are looking forward to seeing each young professional of Class 11 show us their determination and passion and have no doubt we will see just that. As Program Coordinator, Mike Escalante, describes it, “In over ten years of working with the youth in our communities and schools, I’m continually surprised each year during our interview process at the hunger, drive and courage these youth demonstrate.” It will be this hunger, drive and courage that form the foundation of their success…along with a little luck!

Congratulations Class 11!


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