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Genesys Works Featured on National Media

Houston, TX (October 1, 2009) - In the worst economic climate for teen employment since 1948, CNBC chose Genesys Works as a bright example of jobs that are available for students with the right training. The report aired live on-site at United Space Alliance (USA) and featured the Genesys Works students working on laptops destined for the space station. The report also cited Genesys Works nation- wide expansion plans and its move into Chicago.

About Genesys Works:

Genesys Works is a Houston-based non-profit organization founded in 2002 by Rafael Alvarez. The mission is to enable economically-disadvantaged high school students enter the economic mainstream by providing them with the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as professionals. Students are placed into an intensive training program that prepares them to work in a meaningful capacity in large corporations during their senior year of high school. Immersion into the corporate world creates life change for these students showing possibility that they can succeed as professionals.

With more than 35 of Houston's largest corporations participating, Genesys reaches approximately 250 students per year with more than 95% of the graduates enrolling into college immediately after high school. Many receive major scholarships with the assistance of the Genesys Works College Connection program.

Genesys expanded into Minnesota in 2008 and has plans to expand into Chicago in 2010 and other major metropolitan areas in the country.

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