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Partnerships with local high schools are a vital element to our success. Genesys Works selects school partners based on several factors including the percentage of student population qualifying for free and reduced lunch and whether or not the school is prepared to accommodate a student work schedule beginning at 1:00 p.m. Most importantly, Genesys Works seeks school partners that have identified the meaningful internship as part of an administrative, strategic plan for developing career- and college-ready students.

At a minimum, Genesys Works asks the school partner to begin with 20 students in the program. In late fall, school partners identify junior-level students who will qualify to participate based on their eligibility to legally work, economic criteria and good academic standing. Students must be on track to graduate on time. Genesys Works then visits the campus and makes a presentation to the pre-qualified students to begin the recruitment process.

Genesys Works provides meaningful, real life-changing opportunities in each of these four areas:

  • Technical Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Professional Planning

Imagine your school with more than 100 seniors dressed for the corporate office, sporting their company's work badge and relating the real world of business to their academic life.
For more information on becoming a Genesys Works school partner, contact us today.

2015 Participating High Schools:

Our Partners

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