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Programs tailored to your wishes

Planning your future

Genesys Works Career and College Connection helps you continue your education after high school and achieve your professional dreams by teaching you how to apply for college and financial aid including scholarships. Each student receives one-on-one help from a College Program Coordinator as well as guidance and advice from some of Houston's most well-known community organizations and university representatives.

Currently, Genesys Works' graduates attend some of the top universities in Texas such as Rice University, Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin. A few graduates have even received a tuition-free college education thanks to the Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Career and College Connection helps the students of Genesys Works look beyond the present to envision their future as college graduates ready to take on the world!

Learn the skills you need

Once accepted into the program, your instruction begins the first day you walk into the eight-week summer training. Comprehensive classes are four hours a day Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon sessions available. You will study in one of the following areas:

Information and Technology (IT)

  • Computer maintenance, deployment, cabling and customer support are just some of the areas you will receive practical training - these are tasks required by Genesys Works' clients.

Engineering Drafting

  • This program will prepare you with the technical and professional skills needed to put you on a path to success in a career as a drafting professional or engineer. You will start your training by learning the basis of engineering drafting, such as drawing, dimensioning and computer aided drafting - skills that are essential to Genesys Works' clients.


  • This program will provide you with the technical and professional skills needed to put you on the right road to becoming an accounting or finance professional. You will start learning the first levels of knowledge in Audit and Workflows - competencies Genesys Works' clients strongly desire.

As part of your technical training, you will learn professional skills to help transition to a business role. The professional skills training topics include:

  • business etiquette
  • résumé and goal writing
  • proper communication
  • responsibility and accountability
  • conflict resolution
  • security

These skills are essential in helping you prepare to be an effective young professional as well as fit into the placement site.

By August, students who excel in the program are placed in jobs. It is important to understand that a job is not guaranteed, but must be earned through excellent attendance, a can-do attitude and a willingness to study hard and be a top performer.

Enjoy your summer with fun events

Did you know playing games like "Hot Lava" and "Cookie Machine" in Memorial Park can actually improve communications, serve as an ice breaker and help you learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses? Yes, team building exercises like these are a fun way to increase unity and spirit, while helping you get to know other Genesys Works participants better.

Although our students are from many different schools and are probably meeting for the first time, they do share a commonality - a desire to succeed in life. We host fun events that incorporate exciting challenges to help you build bonds and increase your leadership and teamwork skills.

During our FunWorks program, Genesys Works students spend time together in Memorial Park and play games such as "Follow the Leader" (blindfolded), "Hot Lava," where you must work together to build a bridge across the lava, and the "Cookie Machine" where you must trust your team not to drop you when you jump into their arms.

There is also a mid-summer "Scavenger Hunt" across downtown and the Museum District using the MetroRail as transportation. On Thursdays, we hold "Team Fun Nights," where the Genesys Works staff and students meet to have dinner, chat and play some sports. During the school year, we organize day trips to parks, such as Huntsville State Park, where we end the day with a campfire and S'mores.

You'll be amazed at how much you learn and grow from these events.

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