Creating Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency

Genesys Works transforms the lives of economically-disadvantaged high school students by helping them achieve college and career success. By giving students the opportunity to succeed in a professional work environment while still in high school, we open up career possibilities and pathways previously through unattainable. 

There is widespread consensus that the primary path to a well-paying job in the modern economy is through education. According to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, 65% of jobs in the year 2020 will require post-secondary credentials with 35% requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. As a result, examining the educational status of Genesys Works alumni is key to understanding their prospects for achieving career success.

In the fall of 2016, Genesys Works conducted its second annual survey of program alumni for purposes of evaluating program outcomes and the extent to which Genesys Works has succeeded in changing the life trajectory of disadvantaged youth by preparing them for a successful career. Of the 2,019 alumni, 839 responded to the survey yielding a response rate of 42%.

Results from the survey provide evidence that the Genesys Works program is accomplishing its mission of equipping and empowering youth with the knowledge and skills required to achieve career success and economic self-sufficiency.

Read the 2016 Alumni Survey Summary by Dr. Nidhi Mehrotra.