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Bridging the Gap Between Education and Business since 2008

Genesys Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to building bridges between economically-disadvantaged high school students, businesses seeking technology-proficient workers, and an inner-city public education system struggling to produce high-quality, market-ready graduates. Genesys Works - Twin Cities was created in 2008 to transform the lives of minority and low-income youth in Minneapolis and St. Paul while serving the business needs of the Twin Cities corporate community.

Genesys Works from Allegra Downtown St. Paul on Vimeo.

Genesys Works was founded in 2002 by an ex-Compaq Computer executive in Houston to fulfill his vision of improving the prospects for low-income high school students while introducing a new stream of diverse workers to corporate America. A social enterprise opportunity emerged: train students in IT services needed in large companies and place them as outsourced talent under contract with corporate clients. In 2008, Genesys Works launched a program in the Twin Cities that is now rapidly expanding to serve the needs of more students and companies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

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