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Programs tailored to your wishes

Planning your future

Genesys Works gives students the life-changing opportunity to work in a professional corporation while still in high school, but this is simply the first step in each student's path to success. It is essential that our students go on to college, and 95% of them do just that.

The goal of our Career and College Connection program is to arm students with the skills they need to enroll and succeed in college. During weekly meetings over the course of the school year, we help students explore career interests, choose and apply to colleges, complete scholarship applications, secure financial aid, and build professional and life skills.

Our goal is to enable each Genesys Works student to envision themselves in college and be ready to take on the world!

"The Genesys Works college program prepared me for the difficult transition from high school to college."

Juan Puentes

Learn the skills you need

Genesys Works Twin Cities offers technical training in the exciting and ever-changing field of information technology. Classes are four hours a day, Monday through Friday, starting in June. Both morning and afternoon sessions are available. In these classes, students learn the skills needed to work as an IT technician, along with the professional and communications skills necessary succeed in a corporate environment.

Topics in the IT curriculum include:

  • Computer deployment and setup
  • System refreshes, migrations and imaging
  • General PC and networking troubleshooting
  • Software and hardware installation
  • Cable making and cable pulls

Topics in the professional skills curriculum include:

  • Goal setting
  • Effective communication and public speaking
  • Business etiquette and corporate culture
  • Resume writing and interviewing

In August, students who successfully complete the program are placed in jobs with one of the top companies in the Twin Cities. It is important to understand that a job is not guaranteed, but is earned through excellent attendance, a can-do attitude and a willingness to study hard and be a top performer.

"Being in Genesys Works prepared me for what I really want to do with my life. Now I plan on majoring in business and computer networking. I have finally found something I really like doing."

—Lisa Lor

Everyone needs balance in life, and Genesys Works is more than just training and a professional job. Throughout the program you will also build strong friendships with people who share similar goals. Fun Works and Community Works are components of the program where you have an opportunity to get out of the office, meet your classmates, help out others in the community and, of course, have fun.

Fun Works

Ice skating on a cool winter night, bowling in professional clothing, playing sand volleyball or participating in a water balloon fight — these are all examples of Twin Cities Fun Works activities. What better way to get to know your Genesys Works classmates and build lifelong friendships?

Community Works

With Community Works, volunteer opportunities are organized to help out within our community. We've done everything from sorting clothing at Value Village and staffing the Twin Cities Marathon, to stocking the food shelf and cleaning up neighborhood lakes. These activities are a great opportunity to make a difference, experience something new, and just have fun!

"You'll have a blast over the summer. There will be fun nights, team up, potluck, and other great events. Once August comes you'll be surprised it's already over."

—Houa Lee

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