Bring Genesys Works to Your City

To achieve our vision of a future where all youth are equipped and empowered to attain career success and a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency, we are looking to expand our network of Genesys Works programs to new cities across the country. Our goal is to launch programs in up to two new cities in 2018 and continue to add 2-3 cities per year for the foreseeable future.

Central to our model for expansion are local partnerships, and we are actively seeking partners interested in helping bring Genesys Works to their communities. Partners can take many forms, from school district leaders recognizing the importance of learning beyond the classroom, to business leaders wishing to build their future workforce, to individuals seeking personal fulfillment through service to their communities. Local partners provide guidance as to the unique attributes and needs of their cities, help identify and convene key stakeholders, and assist in the development of a community-tailored launch strategy.

Thanks to the generosity of the AT&T Foundation and others, we intend to award $50,000 planning grants to conduct feasibility studies in four cities this year. The money can be used to hire a local consulting firm to perform an in-depth analysis of the opportunity for Genesys Works in your city. This market assessment will inform decisions made regarding market suitability and baseline requirements for a successful launch. Interested in learning more? View our “Building Communities That Work” brochure.

Let’s Get Started

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of bringing Genesys Works to your city, we invite you to take the first step by filling out the following questionnaire. Working together, we can prepare more urban youth for career success and build the skilled workforce needed by our business communities for continued economic prosperity.