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Q: How is Genesys Works different from other internship programs?
A: Genesys Works is not your typical internship program. In addition to serving motivated, high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds, we’re redefining the traditional internship model to optimize the value for students and companies alike. A few key differences are highlighted below:


Typical Internship Genesys Works
Duration of Training None or few days 8 weeks
Technical Skills No IT, Business Operations
Professional Skills Light Intensive
Duration of Internship 6-8 weeks 12 months
Value of Work Performed Low High
Employee Engagement Weak Strong
Supervisor/Manager Support No Yes
Employment Responsibilities Company Genesys Works
Q: When do internships start and end?
A: Students typically finish skills training and are ready to begin work the second half of August. Ideally, the internship lasts approximately 12 months until students head off to college the following August.
Q: What is a typical work schedule for an intern?
A: Students generally work 20 hours per week during the school year, with most working afternoons from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Work schedules are negotiated between Genesys Works and partner companies taking into account client needs and student availability.
Q: Are interns employees of the companies in which they are assigned to work?
A: No, interns are employees of Genesys Works, which is responsible for their wages, taxes, employer responsibilities, insurance, etc. Genesys Works in turn submits invoices to companies for services provided in the same manner as contractors at a professional services firm.
Q: What is the intern billing rate? How does billing work?

A: Client companies are invoiced for the work performed at billing rates appropriate for local market conditions. Rates can vary based on location and work roles. Students are generally paid $10-$13 per hour. The balance of the billing rate covers direct expenses such as payroll taxes and unemployment as well as program expenses related to intern training, transportation, college prep, student rewards and recognition, etc.

Q: What support does Genesys Works provide during the school year?
A: We provide a great deal of support to students and supervisors throughout the internship. A Genesys Works Program Coordinator will meet with the intern at least twice a month to discuss workplace issues, refine skills, and provide counsel and coaching related to college selection, applications and financial aid. Program Coordinators regularly interact with workplace supervisors to ensure client needs are effectively being met.